Thursday 6th June 2019: Ace of Pentacles

We have a reiteration of the Ace of Pentacles today, neatly dividing this week into two parts after the clearing work of the initial arcana of (13) Death and doubly emphasizing the positive energy that is available in this fresh new season of growth. In the first half of the week the Ace of Pentacles was accompanied by the joyful 3 of Cups and the dashing Knight of Swords, suggesting a plenitude of emotional and intellectual energy, as it were the aspects of the red rose in its passion and in its sharpness were being emphasized more than the devotion of the lily. That is as it should be, for in times of great potential it is vital that we “ground” ourselves in those emotions and passions that can sustain us before moving on to the pure-hearted work of the lily. Let us see how the rest of the week plays out…

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