Friday 7th June 2019: Page of Rods

The Page of Wands is a mercurial figure, a messenger perhaps, or a signifier of new opportunities in the world of a new vision of work or personal labour. Yet the Page is also a passive figure, unlike the Knight for example. The page is shown here measuring up his rod, checking it out, or using it to check out the landscape he finds himself in and looking beyond it to new vistas.

Personal Application

It poured with rain in the early hours of this morning and the rain continued to fall sufficiently heavily for a work-related email to appear in my inbox informing me that classes were cancelled today, which meant that I suddenly had a free day on my hands! I used my time catching up with my blogs in the morning and catching up on some sleep in the afternoon.

In the evening I joined a friend at a spa and his enthusiasm for classical music inspired me to start thinking about making use of Amazon Music as a way to tap into classical music and as an alternative to wasting so much time on social media. So, in short, today was filled with Page of Rods energy in the form of work-related messages, plenty of time for contemplation, and a new inspiration about how to spend my time.

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