Sunday 2nd June 2019: (13) Death

What an arcana to start the new week with! And how appropriate too. Here we are on the day before the New Moon in the twilight time between Ascension Day and Pentecost contemplating in recent blog posts those things that need to die in our lives that we may renew ourselves with the rebirth of the Moon during the course of the coming week and through the first half of June.

So this death is both necessary and welcome if it is indeed the cutting down of an old blown rose. The raven that flies over the river as the sun sets is the same bird we saw wheeling with his mates over the castle in the 5 of Cups yesterday. The wheeling of the birds over the ruined castle symbolizes the whirling of our thoughts around the ruins of the past, and so it is a blessing to see the raven taking flight from those “old things” so that through the gate of death all things may be renewed with tomorrow’s New Moon, which is the “flower moon” of June.

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