Daily Tarot

Each morning, draw a card for the day. I suggest that you use a separate tarot deck for this purpose, different from the deck that is used to guide us through the liturgical year.

I use the Morgan-Greer deck for my daily contemplation, and record each day’s card on a weekly chart laid out like so:

On the following morning I return the previous day’s card to the deck, shuffle and draw a new card for the day. In so doing, it is possible that the same card may be drawn more than once during the week.

Each card may be contemplated in its own right, in relation to the other cards of the current week as well as the cards of the previous days and weeks, and also in the light of the Arcana of the Liturgical Week.

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The Influence of the Planetary Rulers

See pg. 308~ The Sabbath in Scripture and History