Sunday 20th August 2023: 2 of Rods

The Two of Rods, which is ruled by Mars in Aries, embodies ambition, drive, and the courage to pursue new opportunities. When combined with the sidereal Sun in Leo, the energy of this card is amplified, urging us to take charge, make bold decisions, and embark on a path towards achieving our long-term goals.

However, with Mars currently in Virgo and the upcoming Mars trine Pluto aspect in the middle of the week, the energy of the Two of Rods undergoes a slight transformation, adding elements of practicality, attention to detail, and empowerment through personal growth.

Exploring the Two of Rods

The Two of Rods traditionally represents a period of planning and decision-making. It signifies a time when we must carefully evaluate our options and take initiative to set our intentions for the future. In the Rider-Waite inspired depictions of this arcana, a man holds a globe (or perhaps a crystal ball), which symbolizes our ambition and desire to expand our horizons, exploring new opportunities beyond our current circumstances.

The Power of Mars in Aries

Ruled by Mars in Aries, the Two of Rods empowers us with a strong sense of confidence and leadership, encouraging us to take risks and seize opportunities. As we align with this potent energy, we can tap into our inner drive and assertiveness, propelling us towards our ambitions.

The Sidereal Sun in Leo

Leo, a fellow fire sign, amplifies the energy of the Two of Rods even more. With the Sun currently transiting Leo, we are bestowed with a radiant and powerful energy that fuels our confidence and self-expression. This combination encourages us to step into leadership roles and make choices that align with our desire for self-expression. The potent energy of the Sun in Leo strengthens our resolve, helping us push through obstacles and make significant progress towards our goals.

Embracing Choices

As twos often signify choices, the Two of Rods invites us to embrace the power of decision-making. It reminds us that we have the ability to shape our own destiny and choose the path that aligns with our aspirations. The globe held by the man in the card represents the vast array of possibilities available to us. It reminds us to carefully evaluate our options, consider different paths, and make a choice that will lead us towards our desired outcomes.

Sidereal Mars in Virgo

With Mars currently in Virgo, the energy of the Two of Rods may experience a slight shift. Virgo is an earth sign known for its practicality, attention to detail, and meticulousness. This energy adds a more methodical and analytical approach to the ambition and drive represented by the Two of Rods. It encourages us to approach opportunities in a structured manner, ensuring that everything is in order before taking the leap. Mars in Virgo also brings a focus on practicality and efficiency, urging us to assess our goals and ambitions critically and make any necessary refinements to ensure success.

This aspect is accentuated during the first half of the week as the waxing moon transits Virgo.

Mars Trine Pluto

When Mars trines Pluto on Thursday, the energy of the Two of Rods undergoes another transformation. This harmonious aspect promotes cooperation and synergy between the planets involved, bringing together the energies of action and transformation. Mars trine Pluto signifies a time of profound personal growth, determination, and empowerment. It encourages us to face our fears, tap into our inner strength, make bold choices, embrace the powerful energy of transformation available to us and harness those energies to propel us towards our goals.


The Two of Rods, ruled by Mars in Aries and enhanced by the sidereal Sun in Leo, invites us to embrace our ambition and make bold choices to pursue new opportunities. The combination of Mars in Virgo and the upcoming Mars trine Pluto aspect adds elements of practicality, attention to detail, and personal growth to the energy of this card. As we navigate the energy of the Two of Rods, let us remember to remain strategic, evaluate our options, and take calculated risks. In doing so, we can harness our ambition, embrace the power of choice, and make significant progress towards our aspirations.