What Is PerennialTarot.com?

PerennialTarot.com is a blog dedicated to presenting the Tarot in the context of the catholic liturgical year and at the same time offering daily Tarot readings.

The arcana have been arranged into a fixed sequence for the liturgical year to bring out the perennial nature of the seasons of the church as they follow the seasons of the year, reaffirming the organic growth of the Christian mysteries out of those of the cosmos itself.

The Oswald Wirth Tarot Deck is used to express the iconic nature of the liturgical year.

In addition, a card is drawn and meditated upon every day, and arranged into weekly cycles that reflect the changing patterns of our engagement with the cosmic, liturgical, psychic and exterior worlds that we inhabit. The reading for each day of the week is related to the presiding planetary influence of the day as well as to the actual location of the planets in relation to the sidereal (not tropical) constellations.

The Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck is used for the daily readings, with reference to the Rider Waite deck and also on occasion to other decks such as the Masonic Tarot and Botticelli Tarot decks.

The readings are for the purposes of contemplation, meditation and the play of imagination and are not in any way pretending to be predictive readings. Indeed, as often as not the readings reflect back upon the previous day or recent events as much as on what may be to come; they serve to ground us more deeply in the present – the perennial “now” – rather than slavishly to chain us to the presumption of a fixed future.

From July 2020 I began to add daily affirmations to help with personal development in relation to daily arcanae, and also more hieratic affirmations for each week of the liturgical year.