Thursday 15th August: (3) Empress

Although we are hunkered down as a typhoon passes overhead, above the clouds today there is the full August moon. Similarly, above the clouds of our daily concerns, which manifested in the New Moon phase as the 5 of Pentacles of the lower arcana, there is now the (3) Empress of the upper arcana. The humble woman of the 5 of Pentacles is transmuted into the Queen of Heaven and nurturing process which both women represent marks here the return of abundance, which is symbolised in part in the illustration by the energetic motion of the waterfall.

The (3) Empress also balances the energy of the (4) Emperor who appeared earlier this week. In so doing she reaffirms the theme of the eighth week after Trinity which is the symbol of the balance scales, but here manifesting as a balance of masculine and feminine energies in our inner world this week.

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