Friday 16th August 2019: 2 of Swords

When this particular arcana appeared today I must admit I chuckled because it was the Two of Swords that expressed my state of uncertainty over a specific question I had last month concerning a client who I happen to be seeing today. Happily, that question was resolved in a favourable direction.

Today, in the Eighth week after Trinity – the week of (8) Justice and her balance scales – I feel the Two of Swords is more expressive of seeking to balance the oppositions that we find between the Full Moon in Capricorn and the Sun in Leo with Venus and Mars close by; that is, balancing the energy we are putting into our long-term business projects with patience and discipline at this time (while bringing some of the steps we have been taking towards those goals to a conclusion this week) with our Leonine Venutian and Martial sides which are more fun-loving and demanding of short term recognition.

Today in particular, Mercury squares up to Uranus which suggests that our mental and communicative abilities may be somewhat erratic and impulsive; Uranus may help us to generate some new ideas related to communication, so a good question for today might be, “How can I express my ideas with clarity and precision for better communication?”

Here is my man Athen Chimenti discussing the August Full Moon:

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