Thursday 1st August 2019: 5 of Pentacles

Here we are in the lowest energy phase of the moon cycle, with a New Moon in Cancer (according to true sidereal astrological readings) today, which suggests that now is a good time to develop our protective qualities, crab-like, so that we may reflect on our inner life, our past and our past lives. Such a reading is entirely consonant with the Knight of Pentacles5 of Pentacles sequence which occurs today for the second time in two weeks.

Last week the Knight of Pentacles5 of Pentacles sequence was interspersed with the 2 of Swords and had more to do with a question that I was weighing up relating to something in my professional life. This week is the last full week of the college teaching term and so I am beginning to pivot towards my other non-teaching-related projects.

I am also currently reading High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard and that is also causing me to assess my habits and how to replace low performing (5 of Pentacles) ones into more dynamic habits that better reflect who I want to be in the world.

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