Monday 22nd July 2019: 2 of Swords

The suit of swords is associated with the element of air and with thought and ratiocination, with logic and also with self-talk. However, the Two of Swords is one of several Sword suit arcana that reference the element of water and the emotions behind the words and thoughts that we engage with. Here, in the two of swords there are rocky outcrops in the sea, suggesting that the question in hand must be navigated carefully. The waxing crescent moon indicates that there is an opportunity for growth in the decision. The blindfolded women is seeking peaceful inner guidance, as should we. This is not a moment to go rushing headlong forward.

Personal Application

The question in my mind that today’s 2 of Swords alludes to is really about whether or not I have been treated shabbily or with respect by a new client of mine. I will not know for sure until Friday evening when I see the client again.

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