Wednesday 11th September 2019: 8 of Swords

“Can we say as much?” I wondered yesterday when I noted that the two tulips depicted in the Morgan Greer illustration of the Page of Cups suggest that the he carries alongside a cheeky playfulness, a real passion for life and a love that runs deeper than death itself. Such a posture towards life is challenged today with the return of the Eight of Swords, which we also saw on Friday 30th of August where I spoke about the arcana in relation to the legend of Saint George.

Two weeks ago I wrote about the Eight of Swords in the context of the New Moon. Today, however, the Moon is waxing and we are on the cusp of the Full Moon that marks the beginning of autumn. Today the Moon is in grounded Capricorn, and the focus is on discipline and responsibility. At the same time, you may be feeling a resurgence of Martian confidence and motivation as Mars is about to go square with Jupiter. Use that martial energy to press forward without feeling unequal to the challenge that today’s Eight of Swords represents.

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