Tuesday 10th September 2019: Page of Cups

What better way to “live in the spirit of the of the Ace of Cups rather than in the letter of (13) Death” that I spoke about in my meditation upon (13) Death in yesterday’s blog post is to take on the playful persona of the Page of Cups! Here is the cup that we were offered in the Ace of Cups on Sunday, marking the theme of this week, but now, oh look! Surprise! A little fish pops its head out of the cup as if to say, “Hello!” and the blown white rose which is about to be scythed down in the arcana of (13) Death has been replaced by two red tulips, symbols of undying love.

The two tulips remind us of the story of the Persian romance, Farhad and Shirin. When Shirin sees that Farhad is dead she kills herself and from her blood, mingling with his, red tulips grow, one for each drop of blood. So the Page of Cups, though he be as playful as Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet, he also carries within him the seeds of love for which he would ultimately be willing to die. Can we say as much?

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