Thursday 12th September 2019: 8 of Swords

The immediate reappearance of the Eight of Swords today is very powerful as it invites us to pay special attention to the intense energy that this arcana represents. If the figure of the bound and blindfolded woman represents your psyche, then you have some work to do on your self-talk, self-love and self-esteem.

If on the other hand the woman represents that towards which you aspire it is up to you not to become distracted by the sharp sword blades of opposition, criticism and obstruction, but to focus on moving between them and unbinding the woman, releasing both her and yourself in the process.

There is great energy here, as long as you do not turn it against yourself, blinding yourself to your potential through self-recrimination.

Remember the Page of Cups? How we discovered a seriousness of intent amidst the playfulness?

Tatoo’d Spirit refers to the Eight of Swords as a “happy card” in this instructive video:

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