Monday 10th February 2020: (20) Judgment

As we come off the full Moon in fiery Leo today, the appearance of (20) Judgment draws out attention to the beginning of the waning gibbous stage of the lunar cycle. Thus, we can interpret the arcana of (20) Judgment as a call to reflect upon and renew our inner life in harmony with the energy of yesterday’s King of Cups.

It is noteworthy that yesterday, the day dedicated to the Sun, we had a powerful watery arcana, whereas today, dedicated to the watery moon, we have a powerful fiery arcana as if to mark the polarity of the full moon in opposition to the sun.

The sun and moon are now moving out of opposition, but the key in your dealings with the outer world is to exercise good judgment – stay mindful of the impact that your words and deeds may have on others, especially those of the opposite sex. Keep the image of the King of Cups in mind, or of the dolphin leaping from the water under a blue sky in the midday sun. May that help you to keep your emotions and thoughts well balanced, with the kind of harmonious relationship that we see in the resurrected family, where the male and female are made one and completed through the resurrection of the child, or of the childlike consciousness within each of us.

It may also be worth keeping in mind what I wrote on a previous occasion:

On one level, the child rises with joy to greet the new morning, a creation of his parents, born into specific circumstances of their historical situation, but not in any way tied down to or enslaved by it. For when all things are created anew, they throw off the fear of judgement and of what others will say, they are no longer grave-bound by the weight of dead habits and histories, but they free themselves to rise and wax and ripen in the solar light…

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