Sunday 9th February 2020: King of Cups

Friday’s Five of Swords depicted a hermetic figure gathering swords beside the ocean as if to add a Venusian watery element to the predominant element of air. That theme of water added to the main airy element was present in yesterday’s Two of Swords as well. Today’s arcana offers the same elements but with a different emphasis with the King (air) of Cups (water), taking up the courtly theme of cups from the Knight of Cups who appeared in expansive Jupiter on Thursday.

And what is the spirit of the King of Cups? I refer to the spirit of arcana as the Antonine spirit, after Anthony in Shakespeare’s Anthony and Cleopatra. Cleopatra says of Anthony that his delights were dolphin like; when he delighted in something he was like a dolphin swimming in the sea, perfectly attuned to his environment.

The King of Cups appears with the sidereal full moon which has now entered fiery Leo and is in trine with Mars in watery Ophiuchus and of course in opposition to the Sun, which is in down-to-earth Capricorn. The airy aspect of the King of Cups is that which carries over from last week’s readings, which he has “taken on board,” to use a suitably nautical metaphor. He is now free to play in the spirit of Leo and enjoy the masquerades of this carnival season while remaining grounded with the Sun in sidereal Capricorn.

To find out more about how we can be attuned to the full moon in Leo this weekend, check out my man Athen’s video here:

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