Thursday 29th August 2019: (20) Judgement

For the fourth day in a row, in this week of the emptying out of the gibbous waning Moon as we approach the New Moon on Friday, we have drawn an arcana which depicts an expanse of water in the background or foreground. What is shown in our arcana for today is the sea which,

…gave up the dead which were in it.

Revelation 20: 13

In the resurrection that we see in today’s arcana we find the three aspects of ourselves as we rise from the great water of the unconscious at the sound of the trumpet of the higher calling of our spiritual selves. We arise in a new state of childlike innocence, in both our masculine and feminine aspects. If you omit the (0) Fool and lay out the upper arcana in numerical order from 1 to 21, in three rows of seven each, you will notice that the sixth column progresses from the (6) Lovers through (13) Death to (20) Judgement and you will understand that all earthly love must pass through the gate of death to be emptied out into oblivion only to be reborn as a child rising joyfully from the grave with his parents behind him.

On one level, the child rises with joy to greet the new morning, a creation of his parents, born into specific circumstances of their historical situation, but not in any way tied down to or enslaved by it. For when all things are created anew, they throw off the fear of judgement and of what others will say, they are no longer grave-bound by the weight of dead habits and histories, but the free themselves to rise and wax and ripen in the solar light, just as the New Moon will begin to do on Friday.

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