Tuesday 11th February 2020: 10 of Rods

Well now, as the Moon moves into earthy, practical Virgo and going square to Mars as Mars crosses the galactic centre into expansive Sagittarius, the time has come to take up our labours and transform the inner insights that were made available to us over the weekend into tangible results in the exterior world with the Ten of Rods.

The Ten of Rods, the Lord of Oppression, tells us that we must lift up and carry the burden in order to reach the next stage on our path. The Ten of Rods is ruled by Saturn in Sagittarius, and it is worth noting that Saturn is indeed in Sagittarius right now, along with Pluto and Jupiter. (Saturn and Jupiter are slowly converging towards a major conjunction on 20th December 2020). Saturn and Pluto begin to mimic each other so that Saturn’s restrictive quality turns toxic through Pluto while Plutonian concerns take on Saturnine gravity. It would be no wonder if you were feeling a sense of oppression today. I certainly was! However, with Jupiter at home in Sagittarius the beneficient and expansive qualities of that combination may help us carry the extra weight of our Ten of Rods burden today.

Working With the Ten of Rods

Here’s how I worked with the Ten of Rods energy to make sure I managed to create content today in line with a commitment I have made to publish a blog post every day on a community blogging platform:

How to Offset the Oppression of Saturn and Pluto

If you do feel the oppression of Saturn and Pluto today, you should know that the Pythagorians countered the tyranny of Saturn by wearing white, the colour of Jupiter, and sang jovial and pheobean songs, that is, songs to Jupiter and Apollo, or the Sun. Try wearing or displaying gold or eating nutmeg to evoke the sun, and eating peppermints to support a jovial spirit. Dressing in white and walking or taking some form of exercise in the sun would also greatly assist you – as long as it does not take you completely away from the “heavy lifting” that is required of you today! For my part, I chose to invoke the assistance of Venus by drinking Chianti as red is her colour and wine brings good cheer!

Mars is in the Mix

We may find also some assistance from fiery Mars as he enters Sagittarius later this week. The arrival of Mars in Sagittarius brings quite a change of mood from what has gone before and it may come as something of a shock to the system; but if what you are striving for is of any value, the effort you put into it today and through the rest of the week should be worthwhile.

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