Wednesday 8th April 2020: (16) Tower

For the third week running I have drawn the same card two days running, and in each case one of those days has been Mercurial Wednesday! Being confronted for the second time in a row by the (16) Tower I am reminded of the twin towers in the (18) Moon, which, incidentally, will be the liturgical arcana for Easter Even this Saturday.

Today our Mercury is transiting Pisces which suggests a breaking apart of old certainties or modes of thought and being. Mercury is not at home in Pisces, but may discover and convey new insights on a grander scale than is his wont, shattering our former way of imagining or engaging with the world.

One point to consider is that in this time when self-isolatation is recommended to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, and solitude is a state that Pisces nurtures, we should nevertheless channel Mercury and maintain communication to avoid growing rigid and aloof in our solitude. How can we open ourselves to the insights that Mercury brings from Pisces and how can we convey them for the benefit of others? What old structures of our ego will be broken down in that process?

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