Wednesday 28th August 2019: 2 of Pentacles

The watery theme continues with the Two of Pentacles, the theme of which is the juggling of our material possessions on the great ocean of unceasing changes to circumstance and fortune. Here, the revolving of the (10) Wheel of Fortune is unravelled, as it were into the oscillations of the waves as our ship sails the ocean of time.

Today, as the Moon empties itself of solar light, the great water takes on the character of the “face of the deep” in its elemental state before the spirit moves upon it bringing light. In The Planets Within Thomas Moore notes that this lunar process of “emptying out,” or kenosis, is part of the natural rhythm of the psyche. It,

consists in an imaginative acknowledgement and appreciation of processes of ending: wane, rot, entropy, decay and death [and] acknowledges them as part of a larger pattern. For Luna… it is the emptying out which is important.

Thomas Moore, The Planets Within, p. 162

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