Tuesday 27th August 2019: (18) Moon

Today the Moon moves from Gemini into Cancer and is waning towards a New Moon on Friday, so the themes for this and the next few days as confirmed by today’s arcana are all about a movement from communion with others in the outgoing spirit of Gemini to a more withdrawn space of self-reflection, a retreat from the sociability of the canines to a more crustaceous posture of self-protection.

If you live in Asia, as I do, then a greater part of the day will be in the domain of Gemini, so I suggest that you engage in sociable activities and in seeing through your business projects or other commitments (10) Rods but stay mindful of the call of the (18) Moon to self reflection, and that you do not stay out too late but return home in good time to unwind, meditate and reflect.

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