Wednesday 26th June 2019: King of Swords

On a couple of occasions last month too the King of Swords appeared in relation to the (0) Fool – here and here on 8th and 25th May respectively. When the King of Swords appears after the (0) Fool what is being made manifest is the process of taking the Fool’s creative aphrosyne and moulding it into practical wisdom, or phronesis. Put another way, it is as if we have taken the overload of airy intellectual energy seen in the 10 of Swords and grounded it through the activity of the Knight of Pentacles with a purpose that goes beyond anything we have achieved before; the (0) Fool allows us a period of brainstorming and the King of Swords applies his prudence and his power of ratiocination to the process to give it authoritative shape and purpose.

Personal Application

In my case, yesterday I began to work on applying a memory system to a series of opening moves in chess which I believe will take my game beyond where it is right now.

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