Saturday 25th May 2019: King of Swords

Once again this month we have a week in which both the Fool and the King of Swords show up. The last time was the week ending 11th May when the Fool appeared twice, on either side of the beleaguered King. In contrast, this week began with the Fool and ended with the King of Swords.

The Fourth Week After Easter 2019

The week began with the radical openness of the (0) Fool and highly energetic emotional and inspirational potential. What did it all mean and where should one place one’s efforts? Those were the questions posed by the Page of Pentacles, the 7 Cups and the (9) Hermit and manifested in the authoritative decision making of the King of Swords today.

The King of Swords is a doubly “airy” arcana since both the Kings and the suit of Swords partake of that element. However, the airy quality of the King of Swords is much more deeply intellectual than the flightiness of other airy characters such as the Page or the Knight.

As such, it may not be that you come to a conclusion about what to do today, but rather that the process of analytical introspection and cogitation is needed to understand whither the radical openness that is on offer this week may lead if you harness the energy of the King of Swords.

In my case, one new thing that I am considering is a trip to Fiji… Not something I would have considered a short while ago, but there you are.

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