Wednesday 10th April: (19) Sun

Solar consciousness is the awareness of spiritual values in material things, which fertilizes and endows those things with life and with soul. So writes Thomas Moore in The Planets Within which is a treatise on the astrological psychology of Marsilio Ficino. He continues,

Consciousness then, or imagination, is efficacious; to behold spirit is to take a step toward receiving the benefits of spirit. But in addition to having the ability to discriminate spirits, one still has to get in touch with the world in order to make life fertile. It may be necessary to take action on fantasies; if they are merely entertained in one’s fancy, their full character may never be revealed and their spirit may never be communicated.

Thomas Moore, The Planets WIthin, p. 132

Today, then, is a day for using our imagination so as to body forth the shape of things unknown, and give

to airy nothing

A local habitation and a name.

William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, V. 1.

It is a wet and overcast day today in Japan. So, if like me, you need some solar inspiration, our Ficino recommends that you associate yourself with objects that are solar in property such as:

  • gold coins or jewellery
  • amber
  • nutmeg
  • corn
  • honey
  • incense
Incense and gold coins offer solar inspiration on a wet and cloudy day.