Thursday 11th April 2019: (0) Fool

Yesterday’s (19) Sun shines on and through the (0) Fool, who signifies a fresh start as life opens itself to your potential; I say “your potential” rather than “you” as the essence of the fool is undefined and the Fool is unattached to the rigidities of ego, pride, and that particular idol of today, identity.

The (0) Fool‘s candour and lack of inhibition is often met with contempt or ridicule by those who are wise in their own estimation. Learn the wisdom of the (0) Fool and you will not care tuppence for their opinion of you. Nor will you hesitate to ask “foolish” questions of the (5) Hierophant or the (9) Hermit.

There is always a double aspect to the (0) Fool, as the anonymous writer of Meditations on the Tarot explains:

Now, the Arcanum “The Fool” has a double meaning. Indeed, it can be understood in two different ways: as a model and as a warning at the same time. For on the one hand it teaches the freedom of transcendental consciousness elevated above the things of this world, and on the other hand it clearly presents a very impressive warning of the peril that this elevation comprises – lack of concern, inadequacy, irresponsibility and ridicule… in a word, madness.

Meditations on the Tarot, Letter XXI

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