Tuesday 30th July 2019: (20) Judgment

A new life is opening to you now, quite possibly after a time of loss or letting go or indeed of killing off old patterns of life, dead relationships, toxic friends and so forth. The call is to rise up and realize your full potential without the dead impediments of the past.

Here is Elliot Adam on the topic of pheonix-like renewal that (20) Judgement is offering you:

Personal Application

As I continue to read High Performance Habits I am working on using my judgment to improve my habits of thought and deed. I like the way Burchard phrases his recommendation about your social circle:

Carefully curate who is in your social circle.

Brendon Burchard, High Performance Habits, p. 163

A quick google of “curate” gives one definition as, “select, organize and look after…” So we should carefully select who’s in our social circle, keep them organized in a rolodex, and look after, or cultivate them by offering them value in return. It is as if we are seeking the company with whom we wish to rise in glory.

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