Monday 29th July: (21) World

Over the weekend I began reading High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard. I’m currently going through his chapter on developing the habit of clarity and his concept of envisioning the “future four” habits of:

  • Clarity towards oneself: Who do I want to be today?
  • Clarity towards others: How do I want to interact with others?
  • Clarity about skills: What skills must I develop?
  • Clarity about service: How can I make a difference and serve with excellence?

Those seem to me to be some pretty good questions to ask ourselves every day and they also offer us a way to integrate our lives and connect with the source of Life itself, so that the eternal dance of the virgin Sophia who we see in the 21st arcana flows through us and out into the world through the four living creatures:

  • Man: Who kind of person I want to be today?
  • Lion: How do I want to interact with others as a social animal?
  • Bull: What skills do I want to focus on and get my horns into?
  • Eagle: How high can I have the vision and power to soar with excellence today?

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