Wednesday 12th February 2020: (2) High Priestess

The Moon is in pragmatic, mutable-earthy Virgo who is ruled by Mercury, the god who presides over this day, as the Italian word for Wednesday, “Mercolodi” makes clear. Mercury is in Aquarius right now, quickening our intellectual faculties which may account for the restlessness of mind that I have felt with Saturn and Pluto in close proximity closing down what Mercury (sextile Jupiter) would expand.

Returning to the (2) High Priestess, we find that her planet, the Moon, when in Virgo, has been likened by one tarot expert to,

the High Priestess wearing the Hermit’s clothes. She’s putting on her cowl.

This interpretation of the (2) High Priestess at this moment rings true for me, especially so as the Moon is in the fourth house as it passes through Virgo, so today would be an ideal day to spend at home in a state of hermetic seclusion.

With the oppressive weight of the Ten of Rods that I talked about yesterday, somewhat eased as the Moon is in trine with Saturn today, the (2) High Priestess calls us back to practical, quiet reflection. Quiet, but, as this is Virgo, quiet in the service of practical results.

The Moon is also in opposition to Venus and Chiron in Pisces, so, again, this is a good time to spend reflecting on your emotions, that is, doing some inner work. I suggest that you check my comments about Chiron and Venus that I wrote in Friday’s post about the Five of Swords. In short, the (2) High Priestess calls us to stand apart from the affairs of the world to reflect upon both ourselves and on what we can do in a practical sense to put our own house in order; refreshing, reflecting, and then reorganising seem to be good watchwords for today.

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