Thursday 6th February 2020: Knight of Cups

Jupiter is the deity to whom today is dedicated and whatever comes under his influence he magnifies. So it is good to see our questing Knight appear in good order today; it suggests that whatever it is that we are questing after in this period, out quest shall proceed favourably if we stay in touch with our consciousness of plenty, as communicated to us through Mercury and the 9 of Pentacles on Wednesday, and keep our wits about us, as the Seven of Swords admonished us to do on Sunday.

With the moon waxing gibbous in integrating Gemini it is indeed a good time to pay close attention to the details, and work with (14) Temperance to stay balanced and mindful, having Mars lay down his weapons and take on the sacrificial role of the (12) Hanged Man which opens a path to the soul upon which the Knight of Cups can sally forth. With Jupiter exalted in expansive Sagittarius right now, this week is especially propitious for our Knight of Cups to go a questing.

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