Monday 2nd December 2019: 9 of Rods

Since the previous appearance of this arcana on Friday 29th November, when the sidereal Moon was in Sagittarius, neatly matching the attribution of the arcana itself (as designated by Alistair Crowley), the Moon has moved into grounded Capricorn, suggesting themes of discipline, perseverence, patience, and longer term planning.

One thought associated with the Nine of Rods is indeed perseverance, and strength in resisting and recovering. I think I have just about recovered after the revels that saw in the previous appearance of this arcana and now, as the crescent moon waxes, it is time to point our arrows to point us forward again.

Thus, while Friday’s Nine of Rods spoke of a period of recovery, today’s reappearance marks the closing of that interval; whereas the eight swords of yesterday’s arcana seemed to fence in the bound and blindfolded woman, the eight rods here serve as a screen protecting our backs as we turn our face to the future.

Morgan Greer 9 of Rods

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