Friday 29th November 2019: 9 of Rods

The Sidereal Moon has entered Sagittarius, and it is precisely the Moon in Sagittarius that presides over today’s arcana, the Nine of Rods which Ellen Goldberg calls the “Lord of Great Strength,” a most apt arcana for today. We should also note that Venus is in trine with Uranus, about which Athen Chimenti has this to say:

There is some new and exciting energy in the air when it comes to our values, resources, and relationships. It’s a great day for getting outside our comfort zone and mixing things up.

Athen Chimenti

Personal Application: Chess Party Revels

Well, I happened to be attending a chess party which was scheduled to finish at 11pm on Thursday evening. It had been a very lively affair and broke up somewhat later than usual, causing me to miss my last tram and train home and led me into a lengthy bar crawling session with two of my chess friends. We had some funny encounters with various other revellers; the influence of Venus was certainly felt by some of our party, and the spontaneous spirit of the evening, is aptly expressed in this blog post by AstrologyKing. (I note that the late George Melley is listed as a Venus Trine Uranus celebrity.)

I suppose the taxi I caught dropped me off home around 3:30am. I nevertheless found sufficient strength to get up and perform my duties as a college tutor during today, very much in the spirit of the Nine of Rods!

And so, back to Ellen Goldberg, who explains in the video below that the Nine of Rods is an excellent arcana of recovery in the spirit of Nietzsche’s famous quotation,

Was mich nicht umbringt macht mich stärker

Friedrich Nietzsche’s Twilight of the Idols
Morgan Greer 9 of Rods

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