Monday 11th November 2019: Page of Cups

Well, this is the second time the Page of Cups has appeared in less than a week. This time it appears on a Monday, which is dedicated to the Moon, the inconstant and feminine planet of changes, emotions and instincts. Today we are on the cusp of the Full Moon and therefore at the height of lunar energy informed as it is with the light and warmth of the Sun, as we saw yesterday with the Sunday King of Cups. We picked up the Page of Cups on Thursday, where we felt the instinct for playfulness in an especially Jovial and expansive spirit, and that spirit has carried through to today, the sequence being,

  • Thursday 7th November: Page of Cups
  • Friday 8th November: 3 of Cups
  • Saturday 9th November: 6 of Swords – completes a 2 week period.
  • Sunday 10th November: King of Cups
  • Monday 11th November: Page of Cups

Today, the quirkiness of the Page of Cups is especially emphasised; enjoy the flow of the time today and be mindful and appreciative of the random events that are thrown up as the day passes. Engage with them joyfully and live in the moment, cheerfully taking upon yourself the persona of the Page of Cups.

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