Saturday 9th November 2019: 6 of Swords

Pulling a six card on a Saturday, the day of the week dedicated to Saturn, we note that today sees Saturn sextile Neptune. The Sextile is an aspect formed when planets are 60 degrees apart, that is, one sixth of a circle. When planets sextile they enter a positive and harmonious relationship which facilitates growth and refreshment to the area of the astrological chart which their sextile covers.

The last time the Six of Swords appeared was on Sunday 27th October during the New Moon that commenced the current lunar month.

The Planets Today

Today the Moon is waxing gibbous in receptive Pisces, which completes the circle of the zodiac. This weekend is a good time therefore to be receptive to and to refine the details of ones goals and dreams. In addition, having Saturn sextile Neptune brings an additional sensitivity to the social aspect of whatever motivates you, with Saturn limiting and controlling Neptune‘s expansive dreams perhaps by suggesting some specific ways in which you can harness your goals to a particular cause or put your skills to work for a specific client.

The Six of Swords Today

Here, the meaning of the Six of Swords for today becomes evident. First, the reappearance of the Six of Swords brings to completion a two week period (27th October-9th November), as if the boatman has poled the boat across the water from one bank to the other and handed out the passenger. We note that the boatman must be receptive to the current and condition of the water he traverses, using his sharp mental capacity to keep his wits about him as he does so. Moreover, he navigates his boat in the service of a specific person (the passenger) in the pursuit of a specific and highly desired goal. Let us do likewise this weekend.

The themes I have mentioned in relation to today are discussed by Athen in the video below:

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