Friday 1st November 2019: 7 of Rods

Where are you going to take a stand? If we consider today’s arcana in the light of the previous one, the (2) High Priestess Reversed, what we find is that we need to return to a posture of standing our ground; to rediscover and express our sense of empowerment, and especially our sense of inner harmony, from which all our strength flows, so that we can better face the challenges of the outer world. We have become distracted by the diverse claims of the outer world or by our internal dialogue and it’s legion of conflicting voices.

Morgan Greer Tarot 7 Rods

It is interesting to note that the week began with the Six of Swords, whose ruler is Mercury (at least in the Thoth deck) which has just turned stationary retrograde. Here, with the Seven of Rods, it is as if the boatman in the Six of Rods is now seeking to take a stand on terra firma and to do so he must turn (as sevens often do) with Mercury, using his rod as a caduceus to reintegrate the yin and the yang of the two snakes, or here the two sets of three rods.

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