Wednesday 8th July 2020: 2 of Swords

Today our Mercury retrograde goes square exact with Mars and we find our selves asking how we can use our mind in communicative, constructive and healthy ways. Mercury retrograde is a good time to be flexible and experimental with our perceptions and routines, while Mars in Pisces makes this a good moment to inform our actions with receptivity and acceptance. The Two of Swords is ruled by the Moon in Libra, encouraging us to find a healthy balance. The sidereal Moon itself is now in Aquarius and calls upon us to be more progressive and visionary in our lives.

As the Two of Swords is the first lower arcana in a few days, let us take it as a practical summing up of the series of upper arcanae that we were presented with over the preceding few days. Be still, listen to the flow of the water and to its lapping against the rocks and consider things from the perspective of the water and of the rocks. Feel the influence of the moon and contemplate on how you will present yourself in the world from now on.

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