Sunday 5th July 2020: (14) Temperance

Our solar arcana for this week happens to be (14) Temperance, which is governed by Sagittarius. Today also sees the full moon in sidereal Sagittarius, the implications of which are fully detailed in this video by Athen Chimenti:

Having gone into this weekend in the spirit of the (9) Hermit and sought to withdraw and live in quietude, fully absorbed in the leaden spirit of Saturn in search of his more benevolent and golden aspect, which manifested on Saturday with the (21) World, the new week begins with a new temper, as the elements of last week are tempered by the angel of universal Life.

If you lay out the Upper Arcana in two rows, you will see that the (9) Hermit is the “companion-in-line” to (14) Temperance, as Oswald Wirth points out. He continues:

Temperance translates into the passive sphere what the lonely philosopher shows in the active… The initiate who has bathed in the fluid which the solitary Angel pours out is no longer troubled by the fever which shakes ordinary men.

Oswald Wirth, The Tarot of the Magicians, p. 119

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