Wednesday 5th April 2023: King of Rods

The King of Rods (Sun in Leo) traditionally represents leadership, ambition, and fiery creativity. With the Sun in deep Pisces, the King of Rods may indicate a character that is not only ambitious but also compassionate and deeply connected to others. Such a character may be inspired to lead with his heart and intuition.

The Moon’s placement in Virgo seeks to balance creative vision of the King of Rods with practical considerations.

Mercury, ruler of Wednesdays, is in fiery Aries, which suggests a time of intellectual curiosity, assertiveness, and a pioneering spirit. This placement facilitates innovation and a willingness to take risks, and enables the King of Rods to inspire others through his vision and courage.

In short, the King of Rods may be highly influential and inspiring, and may motivate others to take action and pursue their own passions and goals.

Opposition of the Moon and Chiron Conjunct the Sun

With the Moon opposing the Sun, the challenge is to integrate our emotional needs and desires (represented by the Moon) and our ego, identity, and sense of purpose (represented by the Sun).

The King of Rods, as a leader who is both visionary and practical, may be particularly affected by this opposition. He may be struggling to balance his creative and intuitive impulses with the need for organization and practicality.

However, the presence of Chiron conjunct the Sun in Pisces suggests that this may also be a time of deep healing and transformation. The King of Rods may be confronting and working through his own wounds or traumas related to emotional or spiritual experiences. He may need to learn to balance his own needs and desires with the needs of his followers, and may be using his own experiences of healing and transformation to inspire and uplift others. So while this conjunction may be a challenging process, it may also lead to greater compassion and empathy on the part of the King of Rods, both for himself and for others.

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