Sunday 9th April 2023: 10 of Pentacles

The Ten of Pentacles (Mercury in Virgo) represents material success, financial stability, and the culmination of a long-term project or goal.

The Sun in Pisces suggests that financial success and material stability are not the only goals, and that there is also a desire for deeper, more meaningful connections with others and with the world around us.

The Moon in Libra can enhance the Ten of Pentacles’ themes of attaining financial success and material stability through long-term planning, but with a more diplomatic and cooperative approach. This may indicate a willingness to work with others to achieve mutual benefits, but with a focus on fairness and balance in all interactions.

With Mercury (the ruler of the Ten of Pentacles) in Aries, there may be a sense of urgency, impulsiveness, and a desire for action and movement. This may suggest that further financial success may come more easily through bold and decisive action, self promotion, and making bold but calculated moves. The fiery energy of Aries my also be keen on taking risks, as may Mercury in some of his aspects, but Libra will want to keep any such tendency in check so that things do not get unbalanced at least in the first part of the week.

Venus in Taurus

With Venus at home in Taurus there is a free and easy emphasis on material abundance, financial security, and the enjoyment of the good things in life, enhancing the positive aspects of the Ten of Pentacles, and that, when kept in check by Libra, the pleasures of the flesh can be the means by which our spiritual life in Pisces is expressed in the world.

The combination of Venus in Taurus and the Ten of Pentacles can also suggest a focus on family, home, and traditions, and the killing of the fatted calf, which is propitious for our Easter celebrations.

Happy Easter!

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