Wednesday 24th April 2019: (14) Temperance

If there were one arcana to express what we spoke of in yesterday’s blog post it would be (14) Temperance, for the vital liquid is being poured from the golden (solar – active) cup into the silver (lunar – passive) cup. The energy of the Ace of Rods is undergoing a process of transmutation in the inner realm of the (12) Hanged Man.

Temperance is associated with Sagittarius and the element of fire, shown forth by the upright red triangle on the angel’s breast, and her golden wings. Fire is used in the technique of tempering, as the metal being worked upon is first heated in a fiery furnace and then quenched in water. The moistness of this arcana is clearly evident as Temperance not only pours liquid from one cup to another, but also has one foot dipped in the water, the other lightly balancing on the earth. Her association with Irises reminds us that the goddess Iris whose rainbow combines qualities of sunlight and water.

Here is a nice video that explains more about why Temperance is associated with fire:

Clearly, this week is one of inner transmutation as the sequence has been water-fire-water-fire-water.

Draw on the energy of the Ace of Rods to go about your work, but also take every opportunity to relax, meditate and muse on what it is that is being, or needs to be, transmuted within you at this time.

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