Tuesday 20th August 2019: 2 of Swords

With the Moon in Pisces now is a good time to tap into our more receptive nature and that is what is suggested by the Two of Swords which – like the more dynamic Six of Rods – has appeared for the second week in a row. This call to inner reflection is especially apt in the Ninth week after Trinity , which is devoted to the arcana of the (9) Hermit and by turning within to align ourselves with the divine ground of our being we may also attain greater inner clarity, peace, and tranquility, realizing the joy of the moment, suggested by yesterday’s Four of Rods .

In the Two of Swords, one sword blade is associated with the moon. With the moon not yet having waned far from her fullest refulgence, this week continues to be a good time to push forward our projects in this world, befriending, as it were, the mammon of unrighteousness. Keep in mind that this week Mercury also begins to trine Jupiter, which helps us achieve a more expansive perspective for our our projects and business goals.

If one sword blade points to the Moon, the other points back to yesterday”s Four of Rods and Sunday’s Six of Rods. Those two fiery cards remind us that the Sun is in Leo together with Venus, Mars and with Mercury fast approaching. As Athen notes in his video for today, that makes this whole month a great time to express ourselves, have fun, and spend time with our passions. What the Two of Swords shows us is the need to balance our lunar and solar sides today, and the way we do that is by taking time out during the course of the day to step back, cloak ourselves in silence and turn within.

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