Thursday 5th September 2019: (1) Magician

Today’s arcana reveals the alchemical process that has been ongoing throughout this week, namely the operation of the (11) Strength arcana in the transformation of the raging dynamism of the lion into the melliflous sweetness of the maiden as Leo is ultimately tamed by Virgo. You will note the connection between the 1st and 11th arcana is twofold at least, in the doubling of the “1” and in the presence of the ∞ lemniscate in both cards, which links the operations of both to the flowing operations of the Infinite. In his chapter on (11) Strength in The Tarot of the Magicians Oswald Wirth writes,

The Magician has the capacity to achieve all, but he has instructed and disciplined himself in the course of his career as an Initiate in the masculine or dorian sphere. Arcana 11 in this respect, marks the ideal which it is possible to attain. The wise man can have at his disposal an immense strength if he thinks wisely and if his own will is identified with the Supreme Will.

With gentleness he will tame violence; no brutality will resist him, provided that he knows how to use the magic power to which every true Initiate must aspire. Let us tame the lion of dominating passions and selfish instincts within ourselves if we aspire to really great Strength superior to all others.

Oswald Wirth, The Tarot of the Magicians, p. 107
Morgan Greer 1 Magician

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