Thursday 25th July 2019: Queen of Rods

Today the thoughts of Trevor Thorkelson, one of the first tarot readers I followed on YouTube are most relevant to what the arcana of the Queen of Rods is touching upon in the context of this week. When making the videos Trevor tended to ramble on at the start before getting into his thoughts about the card, so I have set the video to start half way through:

The cat at the feet of the queen in the Rider Waite deck suggests her intuitive facility, which is channelled through the suite of rods, of constructive action, or of what we are workng on, and is balanced by the solar openness of the sunflower in the queen’s left hand.

As Trevor says,

Our instincts and our intuition are important, but they have to be used constructively and has to be balanced with self-honesty. Sometimes when that’s out of whack we might be picking up a lot of things “inuitively” about other people, but what does it resonate within ourselves? … If I’m picking up on a lot of negativity in a situation, sometimes I have to be aware of the buttons that are being pushed, the things within myself that might be resonating. … The Queen of Wands is somebody who has got that balance.

Trevor Thorkelson

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