Thursday 23rd April 2020: Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles is a very resourceful monarch indeed. She knows how to save, nurture and put to good use whatever is to hand. Appearing to us as she does on this day of expansive Jupiter, on which we celebrate the legend of Saint George, and the life of that most resourceful of writers, William Shakespeare, and at the same time as we welcome in the New Moon which is both conjunt with Uranus and square to the stellium of Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto whose influence has been so pronounced in the first third of this year, the Queen of Pentacles calls on us to look at the situation that is before us and turn whatever it throws up to good use.

She is diligent and practical, but today, as the moon prepares to leave Pisces and enter Aries and empty herself out into her newness, it may be that the most practical thing that can be done is to rest up and contemplate the transition that is taking place, and thereby to gain fresh energy for the dynamic challenges that lie ahead, just as a doughty knight betakes himself to a sepulchure or the side chapel of a church there to pray and meditate, in the peaceful spirit of our solar Four of Swords that saw in Easter this year, before venturing out to slay the crooked serpent or the dragon.

For more on the New Moon and its relations to the other planets, check out Athen Chimenti’s video:

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