Sunday 19th April 2020: 9 of Pentacles

Our Solar arcana for this week is the Nine of Pentacles, the Lord of Material Gain. The Nine of Pentacles is ruled by Venus in Virgo, inviting us to take pleasure in the plenitude of blessings that manifest in our life as we go through the week. This week, then, we should show up in the spirit of abundance as the new, fiery energy of the Sun and Moon in Aries begins to assert itself as the week progresses.

The spirit of the Nine of Pentacles will be beneficial to tap into later this week when the Sun goes square with restrictive Saturn as we seek to apply discipline as we work with the things that we love, understanding that though time and patience are necessary, visualizing the result and all the benefits that will accrue to us in the spirit of the Nine of Pentacles.

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