Saturday 4th July 2020: (21) World

What a fine Saturnian arcana with which to end the week! This is the arcana for those who escape Saturn’s more baneful influence, as suggested by the grey hues of yesterday’s Saturnine (9) Hermit, and discover his benevolent, golden aspect, through the hermetic route of inner contemplation of the divine.

Here is how Thomas Moore paraphrases the thought of James Hillman on the gold that Saturn hides on the other side of depression:

… depression is an answer to widespread manic activism and is a dying to the wild world of literalism. Feeling low and heavy we are forced to move inward, turning to fantasy rather than the literal action of the ego. And that turn inward is necessary for the soul, for it creates psychic space, a container for deeper reflection where soul increases and the surface of events becomes less important.

Thomas Moore, The Planets Within, p. 171

If we read the arcana of the (21) World in this light, we notice that the four elements, the material forms of this world, face outward, each contending as it were, for its own virtue in its own space, operating on the manic, literal, plane. However, if we follow the (9) Hermit, accept the heaviness of Saturn and turn within (being careful not to become dessicated with too much intellectual effort), a space may open up for us to contemplate the reintegration of the spirit at one with the dance of the cosmos.

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