Sunday 21st June 2020: 8 of Rods

The Eight of Rods, the Lord of Swiftness, is ruled by Mercury in Sagittarius and represents the swift motions of the mind as it chases its goals. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and ranges far and wide while Mercury is the swiftest planet but is currently retrograde, as is Venus. Mercury is also the ruler of Gemini, one of the two constellations that are affected by the solar eclipse this weekend. The other is Taurus, which is ruled by Venus. With both Venus and Mercury retrograde there is plenty of scope for reworking and redoing our lives with a sense of new beginnings, which the energy of the Eight of Rods supports with its emphasis on quick and impulsive decisions.

The Midsummer Solar Eclipse

In this video, Athen explains that the solar eclipse brings in a time of new beginnings to our life path, both collectively and personally, which will continue for the next six months until the next eclipse in December. The solar eclipse takes place above the constellation of Orion in Taurus and Gemini. As such, it will also be about developing our physical needs and practical life. Square Mars makes it an important time for finding balance with our assertive and initiating side, so pay special attention to Tuesday’s arcana.

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