Saturday 20th June 2020: (7) Chariot

The week concludes with the (7) Chariot, which occupies the seventh Sephirah of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, where today’s planet, Saturn (Binah, or Understanding) influences Mars (Geburah, or Severity). On Tuesday it was the King of Pentacles who manifested under Mars, a powerful combination which manifests in both competence and a strong will to solve problems and control one’s environment, a process quickened by the solar Page of Rods anticipating the solar eclipse at the end of this week.

The high degree of positive energy manifested through the arcanae this week and the danger is that the dynamism and plenitude may lead to a forgetfulness towards the insightful King of Swords as the illusions and allurements of the (15) Devil come into play. Yet the energy of the (15) Devil is also that which is behind the material world and the differentiation of things, a force which our liturgical arcana, the (1) Magus, seeks to control and redirect in a positive direction, the successful negotiation of which is manifested in the (7) Chariot under the discipline of Saturn.

The (7) Chariot is governed by Cancer, and when this arcana appears on a Saturday it seems to be calling us to retreat within our armour, as it were, and reconnect with our spiritual source. Today it may well do us good to tap into some of Saturn’s melancholy, perhaps by listening to a narration of Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur that deals with the madness of Sir Launcelot.

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