Saturday 27th June 2020: (10) Wheel of Fortune

The (10) Wheel of Fortune concludes the week as the Eight of Rods (my natal arcana) commenced it, with Jupiter, the father of Fortuna, ruling over the arcana. Whereas Saturn is all about reaping what we have sown, Jupiter encourages us to sow wisely for a fruitful harvest. The first seeds we sow are our thoughts and as the theme of this week has been “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he,” today would be a good moment to go over the gardens of our mind and root out any choking weeds of self-limitation and self-sabotage that yesterday’s arcana alluded to, in spite of the positive emotional energy that has been available this week.

Weekly Roundup

This week finds me in the middle of the college term and the Eight of Rods perfectly expresses the busy round of classes and the feeling of having a lot of stuff to get through just to stay on track, and yet also the sense that the energy is available to see it through. The Queen of Rods invites us to visualize and give expression to our expectations, while her queenly status manifesting on the day of the Moon bring the gifts of Luna into attunement with our emotions which turns out to be very important this week. With my natal Moon in the second house, there is a line from Drake’s Over My Dead Body that resonates with me and that I’d like my Queen of Rods to work on,

Oh well, I guess you lose some and win some (win some)

Long as the outcome is income

Drake, Over My Dead Body

The positive energies of this week were checked by the Nine of Swords in Venus over against the Ace of Cups in Mars, as if the arcanae had been misplaced, for the Ace of Cups is associated with the dove of Venus, and the Nine of Swords with Mars; it is of course mitigated by the Nine of Cups in Jupiter so that we find ourselves able to hold the negative in check, or to gain positive insights from the darker motions of the mind.

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