Sunday 20th October 2019: (20) Judgment

When (20) Judgment appears at the beginning of the week it suggests the beginning of a new and more expansive cycle in your life, with the cards that appear through the next six days of the week indicating the nature, challenges, opportunities and inner aspects of the new cycle.

Keep in mind, however, that (20) Judgment appears during the waning phases of the (18) Moon whose week, in the liturgical season of Trinity, this is.

According to the blog Reclaiming Zen as the moon wanes it is appropriate to focus on gratitude and forgiveness, forgiving yourself as well as others. In doing so you will place yourself in closer attunement with the current season and open yourself to a greater receptivity to the insights and inspirations that are to be revealed through the coming week. That is, you shall adopt the character of the resurrected child that is depicted in today’s arcana and about whom I wrote the last time (20) Judgment appeared in our daily readings:

On one level, the child rises with joy to greet the new morning, a creation of his parents, born into specific circumstances of their historical situation, but not in any way tied down to or enslaved by it. For when all things are created anew, they throw off the fear of judgement and of what others will say, they are no longer grave-bound by the weight of dead habits and histories, but they free themselves to rise and wax and ripen in the solar light…

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