Saturday 7th May 2022: Queen of Cups

This morning I drew the Queen of Cups, which is ruled by the Moon in Cancer, a watery planet in a watery sign.

Drawing the Queen of Cups caused me to experience, imagine or create a number of pleasing “synchronicities.”

  1. Today’s “prompt word” (for the #justonething blogging community where I create content every day on the Hive blockchain) is “round.” The roundness of the moon, and her cycle round the zodiac and round the earth, as well as the roundness of the Queen of Cup’s cup and crown all sprang to mind as suitable topics to blog about.
  2. Here is Cancer the crab again, reappearing just a few hours after I completed yesterday’s #justonething blog post about the Greek myth behind the constellation.
  3. The sidereal moon happens to be in the constellation of Cancer right now, so our tarot card for today seems to be prompting us to pay particular attention to the Moon in Cancer today.

The Queen of Cups and the Moon in Cancer

Queen of Cups (Moon in Cancer)

When the moon is in cancer it is said to be conducive to creating a nurturing and protective environment for ourselves, rather like the crab retreating into his hole and protecting himself beneath his carapace.

Fortunately for me, I have no classes or commitments this weekend and have indeed been mindful of setting aside this free weekend as a kind of oasis of calm. I’m in full Moon in Cancer mode, staying at home and taking life easily on Saturday and Sunday, so I was particularly happy to see the Queen of Cups this morning.

By the way, the Queen of Cups is not all soppy and sentimental, indeed, she can be the Ice Queen at times. Queens are associated with the cardinal signs of their element, hence the Queen of Cups is associated the cardinal watery sign of Cancer. As such her energy can be initiatory and assertive, decisive and aggressive, as much as nurturing and protective. In each case she has excellent intuition and if she is cold it is perhaps because of the sharpness of her insight. She does not suffer fools gladly.

Since the moon is in its waxing crescent phase, this weekend would be a good time to dwell upon what it is that you want to nurture and grow, what you want to get round to doing and why.

The Sidereal Sun Is Still In Aries

Incidentally, the sidereal sun (i.e. the sun in the sky, not the sun on the outdated and schematic occidental astrological charts) is still in Aries (due to planetary precession – the process of the earth going round on its axis while its axis gradually moves in a 26,000 year revolution that changes its relation to the zodiac until it comes back round to where it began) and not yet in Taurus, so there may be a lot of support for the more “initiatory” energy of the Queen of Cups, even if what she is initiating is deeper reflection.

A Fragment of Sappho

Well, it’s now well past my bedtime and writing this blog post has nicely rounded out my day, and I shall conclude with a lovely translation of a fragment of Sappho:

Then, as the broad moon rose on high,
The maidens stood the altar nigh;
And some in graceful measure
The well-loved spot danced round,
With lightsome footsteps treading
The soft and grassy ground.


[Translated by Moreton J Walhouse. Source: ]

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