Saturday 31st August 2019: King of Pentacles

We conclude this week, in which we have been largely preoccupied with the watery aspect of the lunar cycle up until yesterday’s New Moon. Today a new note is sounded with the re-appearance of the King of Pentacles who signifies strength in nurturing and managing resources, that is in using his head and the power of the kingly element of reason (air) to manage the earthly resources of suit of Pentacles. If yesterday we were confronted by the airy element as a kind of mental stasis in the Eight of Swords, today any such sense of stasis is mastered by the worldly wisdom and masculine dynamism of the King of Pentacles who is associated with Taurus the Bull. Today we have many more resources at our command than did our ancestors of just a few generations ago.

Thus, for those of us blessed with health and intelligence, with access to modern technology, any fears of lack or of poverty (reading yesterday’s Eight of Swords in the light of the the King of Pentacles) are ungrounded. They may be overcome by the sheer competence of the King of Pentacles in the control and nurturing of material wealth.

If you are plagued by such fears, understand that now is the time to focus on how to put your talents to work so as to improve the financial and material security of yourself and your family.

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